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Happy Birthday Buddy

This is an early shout out to my amazing Buddy. He is officially a teenager and has been for a while. He is a wonderful big brother, a great student, a good friend, and an all around awesome kid. Thanks Buddy for making good choices in...

Princess is Growing Up

I am amazed at how grown up my Princess has become.  She is turning into quite the accomplished and beautiful young lady. Where did all the years go? I am so proud of you. Love ya tons Princess!

Looking Back at Baby Pictures

Looking back at old pictures, I can’t believe how much this little girl has grown over the last year and a half.  Here she is at one day old. How quickly the time flies.  We love you sweet Roobster.

A Few Portraits of Loved Ones

I love all the faces in this post.  They each have such wonderful personalities and add their own special dynamic to our family.  Of course these are just a few of my favorite faces. I’ll be adding more soon. Love you...

Family Moments

2013 came and went so quickly that I hardly remember what happened. There were some big changes, such as Catherine moving to the Midwest, Robear graduating with her Masters Degree, and Jens getting married. In looking back and remembering...

Happy Birthday Robear

Happy Birthday to the sweetest mother in the whole world. Our darling Robear! (Not her real name of course, but it suits her so well.) We all love you and Dad so much. Thank you for raising us, teaching us, cheering us on, and inspiring...

Happy Valentine’s Day

Holy Cow! Happy Valentine’s Day! Wow!  How the time flies. Seems like we just celebrated Christmas and New Years. Of course the twins would know Valentine’s Day. They just recently celebrated their 6th birthday. They are...

Fun Friday: Sweet Baby Pic

Caught… eating the Jenga pieces. “They’re tasty. Is that a problem?” “Forget Jenga. I’m coming for the camera.” April


“Zion” has several different meanings: 1) a hill by Jerusalem (sometimes Jerusalem), 2) a religious reference to a holy place, and 3) the name of a national park in southern Utah. A couple of weekends ago, the family got out of...