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April (Apey)

The big sister.  Wife to the “Sports Addict”.  Mother of Buddy, Princess, TS (Total Sweetness), and The Missies.  Apey has non-stop energy that helps her keep up with her family, the house, and all the projects that fill her life and imagination.  Undaunted she will tackle plumbing, electrical, tiling, and any other project that includes power tools or improves her home and her siblings homes.

Check out April’s house.

Brooke (The Peach)

The one who keeps us all grounded and tells us exactly what we need to hear whether we like it or not.  She isn’t afraid to be direct, go after what she wants, make an investment, or stand up for what’s right.  Always the champion for the underdog, Brooke works hard to keep everyone on the right path. And if that wasn’t enough she also has a strong design sense and an eye for the details.  She’s the one who knows how to take a room, or a party, or anything from drab to fab.

Check out Brooke’s House.

Catherine (Cath)

The creative genius, or something like that.  Cath is great at starting projects, or encouraging others to start projects…it’s the finishing thing that we’re working on.  With a love of all things arts and organics she provides an aesthetic touch and an environmental conscience to our outlook on home, life, and everything.

Check out Catherine’s House.

Paula (Wuzzy)

Wuzzy is the sweet one (unless she hasn’t had a nap, or it’s really early in the morning, or she’s hungry.) Wife of Jim Dear, mother of the newest blob “Sparrow”. She likes to let others make the major decisions but cheers everyone on.  Wuzzy has a strange but funny sense of humor and keeps the peace when things get “mrrr.”  She’s happy to give suggestions and comments and knows how to wield a sanding block and a paint brush.

Check out Paula’s House.

Da Squash

The youngest sister. Squash is our baker and artist extraordinaire.  She knows how to whip up a mean cookie, decorate a gorgeous cake, and make a wreck in the kitchen.  She loves to help the Robear in the garden, and helps to remind everyone to have some fun.  As the baby of the family she sometimes feels like she has eight parents, but what doesn’t kill her makes her stronger.  She’s also handy with a broom and game to be involved in our exploits…most of the time.

The Others

The “Renovation” Whisperer

Otherwise known as Dad.  He has a lifetime of experience in construction, a degree in civil engineering, and he basically works miracles out of small spaces by turning them into useful, beautiful, functional places.  He got his name when he helped Cath remodel her bathroom which was a hole in the back of her bungalow.  She was ready to just re-tile and switch out the vanity when he said, “look, if we pull the door out into this empty hall space you can have a huge vanity, and better flow.”  SOLD.  And he’s been our “Renovation” Whisperer ever since.

Robear (pronounced: “row bear”)

Or she’s Mom, Mama, Mother.  If you need a helping hand, if you want an enthusiast with “can-do” attitude, if you need someone who is game for hanging out, working out, changing up, or any of the above, then you need a Robear! She’s our super friendly mama bear who is ready for anything.  We believe her when she says her children are her greatest joy.  We call her when we need a cheerleader with the energy and umph to back it. And we love her too.

The Brothers

These guys are our sweet, strong, obnoxious, talented, smart, funny, friendly, kind brothers.  Sometimes they get roped into our projects because sometimes we need a little “Man” power.  They are not always happy about it, but they work to come through for us when we need them and we appreciate what they do for us.

Jens The Kid and Niel The Dentist in Waiting showing off their fake amusement park tattoos.
Oh So Tough!


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